Recruitment Update – HR Systems/Payroll – November 2016


I’m not sure whether it is something in the water or merely coincidence, but right now a number of our clients in both Legal and Financial Services are looking very carefully at their existing HR and Payroll Systems, with a view to overhauling current provision, domestically and internationally.

High on the list of options for most if not all clients I’ve spoken to is Workday, a Cloud-based HCM and financial management enterprise solution. Whilst most clients are some way off implementing a new system – they are largely at the scoping and selection-end of the spectrum – employers are gearing-up by recruiting HRIS specialists, typically on an interim project basis for periods of up to 12 months and sometimes more.

If you are reading this and thinking about your next assignment and/or you are looking for a permanent role, and have relevant HRIS/Payroll experience, not least Workday, then I’d be very keen to hear from you.

Please get in touch by phone on 01728 621012.


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