Bespoke Career Management

Not every individual candidate we work with is necessarily looking to secure new employment. Rather they will have reached a point in their career where, for whatever reason, the need arises to pause and evaluate their career. Under these circumstances we have often acted as an impartial sounding board, providing focus, weighing-up the different options, challenging where necessary and, ultimately, enabling individuals to make an informed decision about their career choices. Bespoke, tailored career management is central to the work we undertake on behalf of our clients and candidates. The following examples illustrate the kind of services we can offer:

Case Study One

A senior HR professional working in a major international law firm approached us for a confidential discussion about the challenges they were facing in their role, not least in terms of their working relationship with their boss and also in terms of opportunities for career advancement. In this case, we were able to provide this individual with the time and space away from the workplace to share their concerns, gain clarity and perspective about the situation and, ultimately, to address the challenges they faced with renewed energy and focus.

Case Study Two

The HR Director of a leading international law firm asked us to provide career management advice to a prospective partner who they wished to recruit but who was unsure about whether this was the right move. In this case, we worked with the individual to help clarify the rationale and motivation for making a move in the first place, their specific concerns about their prospective employer and to explore the alternative options in turn, again enabling the partner to make an informed career decision. We also worked with the Partner to develop a comprehensive Business Plan as part of this process.

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