Human Resources Update – Happiness in the Workplace – January 2017


I attended a very interesting and informative seminar this morning on the subject of “Happiness in the Workplace” hosted by the Suffolk Business Hub at the Framlingham Technology Centre.

Presented by Dr Hazel Harrison, a clinical psychologist,, the seminar provided delegates with an overview of some of the latest research into happiness, practical tips designed to encourage happiness in the workplace (very helpful if you are a line manager, or perhaps an HR professional involved in initiatives such as employee engagement, well being and resilience), and the positive impact happiness has on employee performance, notably creativity, productivity (eg. improved sales) and commitment to the organisation’s strategy and goals.

Along the way, we touched on the importance of our relationships in the workplace, playing to our strengths, empowering teams and individuals, mindfulness and the impact of, sometimes small acts of kindness and displays of gratitude, which underpin our sense of well being and happiness in the workplace.

All in all, a great start to the day, with the opportunity to meet with other business owners and some useful, practical tips to take back in to the workplace and in my relationships with our clients and candidates.

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